LS Introductionary Workshop (English & online)

Your entry into the world of Liberating Structures

Basic building blocks

We all spend a large part of our working time in meetings. All too often, these are so inefficient that we get annoyed about the time lost, become frustrated or even resign internally (“I don’t care!”).

But it doesn’t have to be like this anymore!

In our workshop, you will learn about alternatives that you can use quickly and easily to give meetings a purpose again and make them more efficient, goal-oriented and valuable for everyone involved.

As in all our workshops, you will experience, try out and reflect on the methods yourself. You will also learn about the philosophy and origins of Liberating Structures and why we need them so badly in the first place.

You will be able to…

Liberating Structures covered in this workshop
  • Allow everyone to participate
  • Recognize and counteract the causes of inefficient meetings
  • Establish initial Liberating Structures in your own context
  • Finally get into action with groups

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Upcoming events

This is the first of 8 workshops of our Liberating Structures Program (German) which we will be offering in English later this year. With our Liberating Structures program ‚get inspired to master‘, we make the rich methodological toolbox of Liberating Structures available for your specific challenges.

In eight modules – individual, self-contained workshops – we cover everything from a solid entry into the world of efficient meetings to in-depth training for experienced facilitators. Learn all 33 original and 11 new LS! Most workshops take place online.